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NPOW Mandarin Essential Oil, Cold Pressed Mandarin (Citrus Nobilis) - 100% Pure Essential Oil Natural - Aromatherapy Oil, Massage Blend, Humidifiers & Diffuser Oil - Fresh, Citrusy Scent.


REVITALISE DULL SKIN WITH MANDARIN OIL: Experience the benefits of organic essential oils as you rediscover your skin's natural radiance with our mandarin oil essential. Specially formulated for dull skin types, this natural essential oil blend is perfect for use in your essential oil diffuser or as a body oil, leaving your complexion looking bright and rejuvenated.


STRESS-BUSTING MOOD BOOSTER & CITRUS SCENT: Don't let stress and fatigue take over your day. Harness the power of citrus essential oils, like mandarin and essential oil lime, known for their uplifting and stress-busting properties. Our mandarin scent is perfect for busy bees and high-pressure days, providing a refreshing citrus aroma in your essential oil diffuser or when used as scent oil.

CREATE YOUR OWN MOISTURISING SERUM & CANDLE MAKING: Elevate your skincare routine and indulge in DIY candle making by combining 3 drops of mandarin orange scented oil and 2 drops of ylang ylang oil with a tbsp of jojoba carrier oil. This custom blend creates a deeply nourishing serum for your skin, while also offering a delightful fragrance for essential oils candle making.


EXPERIENCE THE SYNERGY OF MANDARIN AND YLANG YLANG: Unlock the full potential of your skincare routine by combining our mandarin essential oil with ylang ylang oil. This powerful duo works harmoniously to provide a soothing, uplifting experience that enhances your overall wellbeing. Add a few drops to your natural essential oils diffuser for an aromatic escape or mix with your favourite body oil for a luxurious treatment.


Want to read more about how to use our essential oils?  Check out our blog post, click here for more info.

Mandarin Essential Oil - Citrus Nobilis - by NPOW™

1 Millilitre
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used in moderation.


    Always dilute essential oils properly, perform patch tests to check for sensitivities or allergies, and follow recommended dilution ratios.


    It is crucial to source high-quality essential oils from reputable suppliers to ensure purity and effectiveness.

    • Avoid UV exposure after use due to phototoxicity and increased sunburn risk.

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